As a Fashion Photographer in Budapest, I was so excited when Maya reached out to me to plan a photo shoot in my favorite city! We have wanted to work together for some time now, and she came all the way from Italy for this photo shoot (!), making this project that much more special and creating such a unique experience for both of us. I knew right away that St. Stephen’s Basilica was the perfect location for a photo shoot. We incorporated the Neo-classsical architecture from the historical roman catholic cathedral into the photo shoot by starting at the rooftop terrace. Keep scrolling to read more!

The view from the top of the Basilica is one of the best in Budapest. You have a view of the Budapest Eye, the Danube River, and the Elizabeth Bridge! So naturally there would be plenty of people who had the same idea as us. We had quite the challenge, navigating the crowds and quickly taking shots during the short opportunities in which we weren’t surrounded by people. Maya was an absolute professional, and her composure was completely unphased by the surrounding on-lookers.

After we wrapped up at the Basilica, we made our way down the busy street directly across from the Basilica to get the gorgeous view of the Cathedral behind us. We ended the photoshoot with a glass of champagne at the Kollázs Brasserie & Bar. Not only was this the perfect spot to end our night, with a view of the Chain Bridge in downtown Budapest, but it was the best glass of champagne I had during my time in Budapest.

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